Alex Mauer – Eat People 123

Alex Mauer - Eat People 123

I’ve always found Alex Mauer’s music easy to visualize. You can open these songs up in a sequencer and watch the sine waves roll and crash and the lead saws cut jagged lines as they vibrate. I imagine each track drawn as an oscillating line on a piece of dot-matrix paper and fed into a PC-tower-beige machine to be mixed and mastered by a man in a lab coat and a checklist. For all its implicit simplicity, this music feels so precise and calculated. But it is music; these are songs. Each drum loop a collection of explosions and quick static, cut off mid-beat to start the next 90 second track with hardly time to latch on to the previous melody. And what melodies; little treble bugs knifing their way through your ears and into your memory. An album leaking with the stuff that makes all pop stars famous and packaged in a tight little cartridge. 96 kbps has never sounded so good. But what is it?

It kills me to mention the words chiptune or video games as they paint this album an ugly and unfair color, but the connection is essential. Based on the original Nintendo Entertainment System’s 8-bit musical spectrum, Alex Mauer has compiled 43 selections of his best work in a 73 minute, three part collection, Eat People 1, 2, & 3. Racing at a mood a minute, the album bounces along at an electric pace. Songs end and begin as if Alex, the man in the lab coat, was rushing to record every single idea during a burst of inspiration. To create the detestable analogy, you imagine each piece as a soundtrack to a world that could never exist in three dimensions. The music is so straight and clear and pure and quick that you lose perspective and are flattened, in a way, against a wall of solid tone. You can’t look to the side, up or down; just ahead. You also can’t stop.

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