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Franz Nicolay – Luck and Courage

When Franz Nicolay left The Hold Steady, he commented in an interview with Paste that, “They [The Hold Steady] have their one big idea – making literate, wordy lyrics over big anthemic rock – and the last two records were about as good as I felt like I could do with that idea.” Obviously honest and without any disdain in any sense, Nicolay was … [Read more...]

El Guincho – Pop Negro

Is El Guincho the primogenitor of chillwave? The Spanish producer was making his watery, carnival-esque tunes long before 2009’s explosion of whitey bedroom-pop. His hyperactive, childlike beats and watery voice sound a lot more epochal now than they did a few years ago - giving the listener a glance into a foreign childhood, incorporating the … [Read more...]

The National @ Bristol O2 Academy, 24 Nov 2010

After the slow burning cult-to-the-cusp success of 2005’s Alligator and 2007’s Boxer, when it came to this year’s High Violet, the plaudits appeared to be overly-predetermined by The National’s prior growing reputation.  To these - almost certainly minority opinion – ears the album captured the quintet in a tacit state of unresolved artistic flux.  … [Read more...]

Markus Mehr – Lava

Thanks to Hidden Shoal Recordings for continuing to release genre-defying and experimental music. This time it’s German ambient experimentalist Markus Mehr’s Lava, a slow-paced album of dense, minimalist, shapeshifting, sometimes bleak, electronic soundscapes. It seems you CAN judge an album by it’s cover. Built mostly from buzzy synth drones … [Read more...]

New Album from Wooden Wand

James Jackson Toth, AKA Wooden Wand is releasing Death Seat, his label debut for Young God Records, produced by Swans' Michael Gira. Toth is your fearless friend, the stumbling guy that goes out and gets himself into some incredibly fucked-up situations but comes out shining and lives to tell you all about it, entertaining you safely and … [Read more...]

Franz Nicolay Remixes EP

Remixes/re-imaginations of tracks from Nicolay's recently released "Luck & Courage" done by members of the NYC collective, Anti-Social Music, called "Anti-Social Music vs. Franz Nicolay: Unlucky & Discouraged". "This Is Not A Pipe - Beauty … [Read more...]

Faun Fables – Light Of A Vaster Dark

Dawn McCarthy hasn’t necessarily made it easy to read her Faun Fables.  Through her dalliances with performance art theatrics, rustic film-noir atmospherics and heady conceptual songwriting – which reached a peak on 2006’s The Transit Rider – McCarthy and her primary Faun Fables sideman Nils Frykdahl have in part been ghettoised by both inverted … [Read more...]

Air Traffic Controller – The One

It’s hard to resist the charm of a serviceman who returns home from duty and channels his reflections on military life into a performing arts career.  So it is with Dave Munro, a Massachusetts native whose time in the U.S. Navy – performing a job you’ll never suspect – led to the unsuspecting discovery of formidable talents as a pop/rock … [Read more...]

Wooden Wand – “Perch Modifier”

Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg was the first solo album from Wooden Wand's James Jackson Toth who previously recorded and performed with the now disbanded group The Vanishing Voice. Released on Soft Abuse Records, Toth is an artist whose range stretches from the experimental to psychedelic country-folk. "Perch Modifier" offers a … [Read more...]

Interview with Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter

Formerly of The Receiving Ends of Sirens, Casey Crescenzo began crafting material for The Dear Hunter in 2005. A mixture of indie rock/pop and progressive complexity and arrangement, he began the project with the ambition of telling a story through six “acts.” Now halfway through his tale, Casey took some time to talk with DOA’s Jordan Blum about … [Read more...]