The Black Ryder – “Sweet Come Down”

Aimee Nash and Scott Von Ryper of Australia’s The Black Ryder showcase one aspect of their sound with the softly desolate, laconically-paced noir song “Sweet Come Down” that features Peter Hayes of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on harmonica.  A quasi-duet is set in motion by picked acoustic guitar and the occasional pull of plaintive harmonica, while Scott, shadowed by Aimee, sings in a hushed and dispassionate tone on the first verse and chorus.  A lonesome whistle haunts the ensuing vocal lull, until a dulcet Aimee comes in languidly on the second verse and chorus.

The video for “Sweet Come Down” is directed by Michael Spiccia who has also directed videos for Jet and End Of Fashion.  This video projects the rotten core of human interaction (lust, jealousy, betrayal, revenge, and murder) with just a few iconic images.  Via one continuous tracking shot, Michael Spiccia distills a 3-hour cinematic experience (i.e., Westerns, film noir, crime) into an arrestingly bleak 3-minute video, paring the visuals down to the stark essentials by focusing near ground-level on a lone stranger in pointed-toe cowboy boots and narrow-cut pants walking through a parched landscape with sparse scrub and low-rise hills on the distant horizon.

The stranger slowly and steadily walks through the aftermath of a shoot-out, where the dead and bloodied bodies of men, their scattered guns, and a dead woman in flimsy dress and bound at the wrists by rope, are strewn over the arid desert.  Amid the carnage, the stranger pauses briefly at the body of the dead woman and also rolls a dead man onto his back with the push of a boot heel.

Near the end of the video, the stranger walks towards an old pick-up truck where a wounded, but conscious man is leaning against the  front grill.  As the camera pans upwards to waist-height, the stranger contemplates the man and then starts to walk behind the pick-up.  The camera tracks up the truck for a view through the front and back windshields, revealing the identity of the stranger, who then turns and walks away unhurriedly as flames begin to lick the back of the truck.