Ludicra – The Tenant

Ludicra - The Tenant

Ludicra, a skilled, trained and thunderous black metal band from San Francisco, CA, present us with their newest album titled The Tenant. Its part Gorgoroth, part Mastodon, though Ludicra wipes their sweat with these bands. Formed in 1998, this 5 piece blast-beat laden force puts to shame all of us who strive for greatness. I first heard Ludicra and their track “Path of Ash” on the free Adult Swim downloadable album titled Metal Swim.

Upon further listening, you really cannot do anything more with this band than fully absorb their entire output in one sitting. They attack their songs with somewhat of a pop sensibility, such as on the track “In Stable”, much like previous songs off of their 2006 album Fex Urbis Lex Orbis like In Fever”.  Make no mistake, Ludicra offer full-on, screaming metal tracks too, such as “A Larger Silence”. One cannot help but catch a bit of a Burzum influence, a phenomenal and influential one man band from Norway. At one EP and four albums in, Ludicra are not slowing down and fans do not want them to as they’re able to meld the best of what is Black Metal and fuse it with jazz and pop.

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