Buzzard Lope – Daybreak

Buzzard Lope- Daybreak

Buzzard Lope - Daybreak

Daybreak has been a long time coming for Buzzard Lope, over two years in the making, to be exact. Wouldn’t it be terrible if their patience was met with apathy or chilliness? Well, the concept of Buzzard Lope is maybe a bit dull but, somehow, they make what they do work. Led by piano, they kind of take The Fray’s piano-pop aesthetic, but unlike The Fray, they don’t suck. They’re actually pretty good.

Buzzard Lope takes hints of jazz piano, brass, and bass and incorporates them into melodic pop nuggets. The vocals are chill and very melodic, forming a tandem with the piano in crafting hooks. The music tends to swell around in the piano in sections where Buzzard wants to really sell the song. It’s done tactfully, not indulgently, so it doesn’t sound like overproduced fodder; in doing so, Buzzard Lope is extremely sharp in being able to deliver their hooks and make their songs stick.

“The Great I Am” is probably the strongest song on this mini-LP, consisting of an intertwining piano line and a subtle string section. “For Your Troubles” borders closely to pure sap but, at some point, you just have to give in and admit it’s a really pretty song. “Stumbling Block” is a jazzy, more vocally inclined Talk Talk type song. Buzzard Lope definitely have a warm, attractive album ready for you. They’ve been through a lot and they’re only asking a mini-LP’s worth of your time. As deemed by me, they’re worth it.