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Debut Album from Tjutuna out soon

Debut LP from Tjutuna "Bottle Kids" mp3 link: While art is certainly a form of self-expression, artistic communities tend to gravitate towards styles that fit within the popular pallet. Yet it is those fearless in their dissension that make the deepest mark. It is with that familiarity of … [Read more...]

No Age – Everything In Between

In a musical universe where most of the notable movers and shakers are leaning heavily (and without shame) on Auto-Tune software and slick production techniques to move whatever units they can, the undeniably scrappy yet hypnotic pastiche of noise-rockers No Age is something of a marvel.  While drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt and guitarist Randy … [Read more...]

Kenseth Thibideau – Repetition

Kenseth Thibideau paints pictures with music. While most other artists in the universe propel their sound through a series of scenes, images, movements, and acts, Thibideau finds his moment and just stays there. Once the elements of a song reach its most gorgeous, he’d rather repeat those bars for eternity than try to mess with the formula. So … [Read more...]

Sara Radle – Four

When you’ve been playing in a handful of bands for more than five years – one of them being with ex-Weezer member Matt Sharp – there’s always a great deal of forbearance in realizing that whatever you do next, it has to be absolutely great. For Sara Radle, working with and in music has always been something she could turn to and eventually, rest … [Read more...]

Ruby Throat – “Barebaiting”

KatieJane Garside and Chris Wittingham of Ruby Throat both appear in the second video that Chris directed for a song off the duo’s sophomore album Out of a Black Cloud Came a Bird.  Chris trades the diaphanous images of “In the Arms of Flowers”, the first video he directed, for the inky black and sunlight-white visuals of “Barebaiting”.  The tap of … [Read more...]

Album from MakeUpBreakUp out now

Forming in the summer of 2007, MakeUpBreakUp has been steadily calculating their rise. Soon after forming, Mike Lamantia Jr and Zan (former members of A Trillion Barnacle Lapse) signed to California's S.A.F. Records for the release of their debut EP, We Prefer Not To... Upon the EP's release in August 2008, the trio received widespread critical … [Read more...]

The Walkmen – Lisbon

For much of their career, The Walkmen have always been mired by what many consider to be the band’s best assets. Subtle touches and minimal compositions are at the core and around that is always some kind of guitar melody and Hamilton Leithauser’s uniquely essential vocals. On “While I Shovel the Snow,” he’s singing about the weather and … [Read more...]

Valient Thorr – Stranger

Bang your heads! Valient Thorr is back with Stranger, their sixth release in seven years, on Volcom Records. No punches are pulled on this album and Valient Thorr further solidifies their role as Heavy Metal revivalists (think Mustaine-era Metallica meets Motorhead) on this balls to the wall masterpiece. Now, if one is not already a “Thorrior”, … [Read more...]

Dead Leaf Echo – Truth

Dead Leaf Echo is a few releases into its career of making spacious shoegaze reminiscent of the late 80s and early 90s British pioneers. The band's latest, Truth, hews to the formulas once again, only this time it has slowed down the pace and opted for less of a rock sound. The Brooklyn trio still gets a big sound from its three members, though. … [Read more...]

Free Shows by Deerhunter and Neon Indian

LEVI’S AND URBAN OUTFITTERS Join Forces to Present a 'SECRET GENERATOR SERIES' Featuring FREE SHOWS By DEERHUNTER and NEON INDIAN! Deerhunter to Play 9/25 in Chicago Neon Indian to Play 10/3 in Boston Secret Locations to be Revealed 48 Hours Before Shows Levi’s and Urban Outfitters are bringing Chicago and Boston music fans a free concert … [Read more...]