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Valient Thorr @ North Star Bar, Philadelphia, PA

Valient Thorr’s performance last Wednesday at Philadelphia’s North Star Bar was an impressive blitzkrieg of Metal chops and showmanship. Touring in support of their lasted release, Stranger, which was released earlier the week before, Valient Thorr blasted through a set dominated by new material and some fan favorites from earlier … [Read more...]

Album from Landing On The Moon out now

Omaha, Nebraska’s Landing On The Moon releases its debut album We Make History Now via the Young Love Records label, also home to popular indie artists Quitzow and Setting Sun. With a completely working-class and honest approach, the members of Landing On The Moon combine decades of musical experience and education and true friendship. The … [Read more...]

Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest

A halcyon is a mythical bird that would calm the furious wind and coldness into something warm and bearable. While its significance is rooted in mythology, the term is also used when reflecting and looking back at past instances. Using what we’ve come to learn from Bradford Cox and Deerhunter, the topic for their latest masterpiece, Halcyon Digest, … [Read more...]

Chloe Charles – Little Green Bud EP

The Little Green Bud EP will immediately strike you because Chloe Charles has a phenomenal voice, but we all know a great set of pipes means squat if the music behind it can't support it. Fortunately, Charles' five song collection showcases not just her lovely vocals, but also an interesting mix of chamber pop, folk, and jazz. While anyone can … [Read more...]

Moonshine Hooligans – Subterranean Secrets

Moonshine Hooligans is a psychedelic folk rock duo consisting of brothers (I assume) Matt and Stuart Watson. They hail from Charlottesville, VA and their debut, Subterranean Secrets, is a fairly original and pleasant outing. And at under a half an hour in length, it’s a brief slice of Americana optimism that’s easy to absorb. The “Intro” sets … [Read more...]

FAO#27 (Brave Timbers & Amiina)

The language of musical analysis is rife with clichés, contradictions and confusion.  Whilst it’s often claimed that a ‘less is more’ approach bears some of the greatest fruit, the hypothesis comes unglued when thinking of the layered and laboured-over studio triumphs of The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Serge Gainsbourg and many others.  … [Read more...]

New Video and Album from Nice Purse

Nice Purse Make Video for Debut Record "Kathalaugh" video link: "Heart Medley" mp3 link: Nice Purse's debut record Black Medal was released in August via SoTM Nice Purse began as the brainchild of singer/songwriter France Camp.  … [Read more...]

Raymond Scott Woolson – Broken Things Mended

Usually the phrase one-man band conjures thoughts of a guy on stage with either a guitar or keyboard, a tambourine tied to his leg, a harmonica harnessed to his neck, and a kick drum at foot, making a living more from spectacle than from any sort of memorable music. Raymond Scott Woolson is a one-man band, but in almost the completely opposite … [Read more...]

Clinic – Bubblegum

Having perfected a triangulation of ‘60s garage-rock scuzz, mangled Krautrock and dismantled Augustus Pablo dub so early on, Clinic left very little room for future manoeuvre, only relentless repetition.  Whilst such dutiful recycling has always allowed the Liverpool foursome to deliver a consistent stream of sterling singles over the last decade, … [Read more...]

Mice Parade – What it Means to Be Left-Handed

Brazed with the golden charms of brimming drums, clamoring guitars and an intensified plantation of multi-dimensions, Mice Parade celebrates with great pageantry. Their first album in over ten years as a band, What it Means to Be Left-Handed is the band’s opening foray into the scene of competitive indie music. And, although everything has always … [Read more...]