james – The Morning After

james - The Morning After

The second mini-album this year from perennial Brit-rockers james, The Morning After is being unleashed on the American public as disc one of a two-disc set. The second disc being the companion mini-album released earlier this year called The Night Before. The result is a maxi-album’s worth of exciting art-rock titled The Morning After The Night Before.

With bouncy melodies intertwined with energetic and edgy indie-rock, The Night Before could be considered the party disc of the two. The Morning After describes itself, but is hardly a hangover. Quite the contrary in fact. Yes it’s slower, darker and more pensive, but like the sun that breaks through the clouds to reveal a brisk sunny morning, it shimmers and shines with splendid, polished arrangements and even grander guitar-scapes.

The vocals are radiant as usual, and with contemplative lyrics, singer Tim Booth both soars and sighs, occasionally breaking into his eerie falsetto. Fortunately he’s one of the few rock singers that can pull it off, enhancing the emotional appeal of the songs by using his high voice as an accompaniment to the music.

Fast or slow, all the tracks are filled with rich textures, shrewd melodies and sublime moods, achieving the perfect balance between the ethereal and the dynamic. james sound re-energized and focused, and The Morning After’s familiar radiance and cinematic scope will please not only devoted james fans, but anyone who likes a distinctive brand of creative rock.

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