Chloe Charles – Little Green Bud EP

Chloe Charles - Little Green Bud EP

The Little Green Bud EP will immediately strike you because Chloe Charles has a phenomenal voice, but we all know a great set of pipes means squat if the music behind it can’t support it. Fortunately, Charles’ five song collection showcases not just her lovely vocals, but also an interesting mix of chamber pop, folk, and jazz.

While anyone can strum an acoustic, Chloe brings a classical guitar to the table. Her songs are rounded out with violin, double bass, and other instruments that set the stage for her mellow songs. Lead track “The Heavens” is an ethereal piece that uses spare instrumentation to lay a sweet, soothing groove.

The aptly named “Progression” is the most complex song on Little Green Bud and Chloe displays a penchant for smoky jazz and soul with a modern twist. No two minute pop ditties here, Charles instead favors well arranged pieces that have plenty of room to breath and grow. “Progression” does a lot of dabbling while still maintaining the cohesion of an expertly crafted, powerhouse song. If this is indicative of Chloe Charles’ future, this Canadian chanteuse has a bright future that is just beginning to germinate.

Little Green Bud isn’t a masterpiece, but the five songs here are all solidly built affairs that show great talent. Chloe Charles has a lovely voice and this self-released EP is a good start. While all of the songs have merit, I’d love to see Charles cut loose with more tracks like “Progression” on her next release, as her more complex arrangements definitely bring more oomph to the listening table.