Antony and the Johnsons – Thank You For Your Love EP

Antony and the Johnsons – Thank You For Your Love EP

Music is often aggressive, in-your-face and coming at you at a furious rate. Antony Hegarty’s music with Antony and the Johnsons is anything but that; his gentle, angelic voice being one of music’s most sincere voices. But one thing’s for sure, his music follows the belief that it should be continuous and constant, always changing and revolving but never stopping. So like with the Another World EP, he’s taking very little time off to release another precursor EP with the gorgeous Thank You For Your Love.

While the title track is the rousing first single from the soon-to-come Swanlights, one of the most exceptional assets about Antony is his ability at making each release a significant entity. Never one to waste energies, everything from his improvisational covers to his most intimate personal songwriting is always filled with resonating substance. And like any other project, there is both obscurity and insight in perfect juxtaposition of each other; so instead of simply turning in a remix or two the music is reflective and brooding, suggesting a nostalgic state of mind. The artwork also features photography done by Antony when he first moved to New York City in the early part of the 90’s.

It might just be a coincidence but as opposed to last year’s early release, there is something justly fitting about listening to Thank You For Your Love along with the time/season change. Everything moves in such a meditative pace, much like the slow descent of leaves falling on the ground. The aforementioned title track certainly sets up the ensuing LP into what many would now consider great expectations. And still, there wouldn’t be any lesser anticipation, especially when the expressive beauty of “Pressing On” is this good. The opener is what we’ve come to love from Antony (huge leaps, stunning instrumentation and expansive dynamics); the latter features a broken chord arrangement on a guitar with percussive elements. Antony sings about continuing to move forward and trying to achieve that “higher calling” while the music’s back-drop reveals a vulnerable emotion with the vibes chiming in the center of it all.

With his ability at covers in mind, Antony takes John Lennon’s “Imagine” and rather than sticking to his trademark piano, Antony reaches for a guitar to support his fragile rendition. The ending, spectral side of the atmospherics to close everything out is anything but hopeful but it’s never damning. Thank You For Your Love is the expectation of many more great ones to follow; like everything he’s done before, Antony is in many ways like music’s continuous pace – steady, current and constant – with the finest exception coming in how remarkable he accomplishes it.

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