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Mark McGuire – Living With Yourself

You hear the innocent little boy speaking over the pristine chord, both seemingly free of distortions. As time passes, the chords start to take definite direction and subthemes develop beneath the surface.  After awhile effects are applied, differentiating a personal style. These effects produce ripples which send out energy, suggesting connection … [Read more...]

Dylan LeBlanc – Pauper’s Field

Raised in the famous Alabama Muscle Shoals, Dylan LeBlanc spent his childhood days immersed in the music he heard via his dad, a sideman at the studio. Now he splits his time and musical energy between Nashville and Shreveport. His music reflects these folk and country influences (Nashville’s Spooner Oldham being another clear influence) in full … [Read more...]

The Lovely Eggs – If You Were Fruit

Lancaster, England-based Holly and David of The Lovely Eggs know how to pack a tin full of sonic sardines, as they do on If You Were Fruit, where they stuff the U.S. release of their debut album with 19 yummy morsels (14 from the studio album, plus 5 lip-smacking cuts off their U.K.-released EPs). The guitar-based indie rockers and ballads are … [Read more...]

EP from Elephant & Castle out now

Elephant & Castle Prep New EP "The Look" mp3: Elephant and Castle is a kaleidoscope of sound; twisting and grooving to create music all it’s own.  Based out of Oakland, California, it is the project of musician/sound engineer David Reep.  Starting with a love of old vinyl and the … [Read more...]

Women – Public Strain

As much as music appears to be changing, there are many aspects that remain the same. Fundamentally sound music is still, at the core, a foundation that needs to be set and, ultimately, musicianship is the key to that essential element of success. For Canadian band Women, that musicianship was on full display with the nervy, noisy art rock of Women … [Read more...]

Panico – Kick

It seems as if Panico just appeared out of nowhere. They are in fact from Chile, but have lived for most of the last decade in Paris. And, while this is their 7th album, it seems that it's their first to receive a full US/UK release, available everywhere except France on the Glasgow based Chemikal Underground label. Also, Kick was recorded in … [Read more...]

Hosannas – Then & Now & Then

Hosannas' evocative music is a mix of narcotized pseudo-folk and textural experimentalist that offers much melodic warmth, but conditionally. The condition is that you accept the stark environment in which these songs are set, and the sometimes forbidding noises that buzz under and lurk around each fragile guitar chord or skeletal piano … [Read more...]

Of Montreal – False Priest

Prolific songwriters tend to flabbergast with their steady flow of releases, sometimes unfortunately casting aside true substance in favor pure mass.  Kevin Barnes – operating, as always, under his Of Montreal guise – is no stranger to this trend, having time and again astonished audiences with both his rapid fire cadence of new releases and … [Read more...]

Solaram – Love & The Sweet Divine

Branching out as a solo artist under the band name Solaram, Joe Tagg writes songs that hearken back to the days of psychedelia a la Brian Jonestown Massacre and like-minded outfits. The album Love & The Sweet Divine has an easygoing vibe to it, with plenty of sustained organ and acoustic guitar and tambourine, but it does occasionally break … [Read more...]

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Rivers

There’s not a whole lot of music to Wildbirds & Peacedrums, most of their songs are stripped down to a spare, wooden drum and some alternating synth plunks – but they’re always centered on one specific thing – Mariam Wallentin’s husky, near-shamanistic voice. The Gothenberg husband’n’wife duo maintain a strikingly distinct sound, especially … [Read more...]