Worst Case Ontario – Smallcraft EP

Worst Case Ontario - Smallcraft EP

Do you miss rock from the early to mid 90s? If so, New York’s own Worst Case Ontario might be your new best friend. It almost makes me want to find an old flannel and some combat boots. Almost. The band’s approach is pretty standard – two guitars, bass, drums, vocals – throw ’em in a room together and see what happens. There’s plenty of chugging guitar, thick rhythms, and barreling drum work. It’s a bit too sludgy to be straight up garage rock, but the vibe is there.

While the throwback feeling is definitely nostalgic, I’m afraid most of us have moved on. The five tracks on the Smallcraft EP don’t have many distinguishing factors from one to the next. The drums stand out on opener “Celebrity Sighting” and closer “Capricorn” finds the band experimenting with their sound a bit. Kudos for that.

Although the vocals aren’t incredibly strong and often get lost in the mix, I guess that’s half the point, right? Smallcraft isn’t going to make waves, but I can easily picture the kids in New York digging the sludgy-ness, not realizing it’s been done before. I hate to leave the reader thinking there’s nothing worth investigating here, but for a short EP with such a narrow focus you’re either going to be excited by the 1990’s-esque qualities or…not.