Weber Band – Sidewalks EP

Weber Band - Sidewalks EP

I recently went to Chicago and loved it, so I want to show their hometown boys some love. Unfortunately, it’s a really hard thing to do with Weber Band. This is no-frills radio pop music, dulled of any hooks or charisma. They have a Jason Mraz-type feel to them, maybe with more keyboards and a brass section. Weber Band tries to be too smooth for their own good, as their polished sound slips right through your fingers. If I could add one caveat, it’s that Sidewalks is just an EP, so Weber Band and Chicagoans don’t have to feel too slighted.

The title track sounds like it should be rotating in the Top 40, which isn’t a compliment. Weber Band find a cheap rhythm and ride it with chirpy keyboards and an overt soul melody. There’s little effort to make something distinguished in the song; it’s like they jammed a cute-sounding song and determined that it sounded like a song so no need to make it interesting. “Record Low” starts with a promising music melody, a buzzing keyboard against a descending brass section, but the vocal melody takes the song into a chipper chorus and bridge that falls totally flat. Nothing quite works for Weber Band on Sidewalks. Luckily, Sidewalks is just six songs at twenty-three and a half minutes. Too polished, too dull, too uninspired. Sorry, Chicago.