Snake! Snake! Snakes! – s/t EP

Snake! Snake! Snakes!

On their self-titled debut EP, the Phoenix based quartet known as Snake! Snake! Snakes! blend their commercial leaning alt-rock aesthetics with the sweeping guitar rock and melodic romanticism of Britpop favorites like James and Travis. When they add swirling and jangling guitars, reminiscent of Band Of Horses, they get a slick and enjoyable, yet mature, alt-pop sound.

Vocals are also one of Snakes! strong suits. Although comparisons to Arcade Fire can’t be avoided, the vocals are both moody and bombastic and treated with reverb. The slightly high-strung singing provides passion and power to the delicate melodies and gives the tunes an emotional appeal that keeps the listener engaged.

While Snakes! take clues from all of the RIYLs, they add an occasional buzz-saw effect or an artistic burst of melancholic strings to the bright, open-air guitar pop to give the songs their own identity. And while not as twitchy or heavy as something Arcade Fire would do, or as dynamic and enigmatic as James, these songs are certainly as stout with a smoldering brew of guitars, snappy drums, rumbling bass and tranquil keyboards.

Those with ophidiophobia may stay away from Snake! Snake! Snakes!, but those who like robust and entertaining indie-rock should check them out.

RIYL: The Sunset Curse, James, Band Of Horses and Arcade Fire

Modern Art Records