Ramesses – Take the Curse

Ramesses - Take The Curse

I’ve said this before, but it never ceases to be true – a truly great metal album has a certain visceral effect on me that few other genres could ever achieve. Maybe it’s because there’s less of a barrier of entry than say, a great drone album, or maybe it’s because metal as a concept is naturally imbued with a layer of undisputed confidence – either way, metal’s top tier has never ceased to stop me in my tracks.

Ramesses’ Take the Curse is by no means a great metal album, but it still shows some bare potential for a couple of newcomers. They’re part of the never-not-charming sub-scene of near tribute based music making, their myspace profile boasts a whole batch of revered, extreme influences, from EyeHateGod to Celtic Frost – and their music follows suit. I don’t think there is a unique moment on Take the Curse, the songs are essentially well thought out impressions of their favorite bands. Earth-like droning doom, swirling Sleep-ish psychedelia, quick-footed stoner-metal tech – the album swings enthusiastically between styles, and you get a direct sense that this band love them some metal.

I get the feeling that Take the Curse is more of an album for the layman rather than the specialist. Anyone ultra-deep (occasionally to the point of pretension) in the metal scene won’t find much to get excited about here, in fact they might end up more discouraged than anything. But disarmed from that preexisting knowledge, the record is rather easy to latch onto throughout its 55 minute listen. It’s for metal noobies, but there isn’t anything wrong with that.