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Tour Dates for Voxhaul Broadcast

California sensations and the fastest rising band in LA, VOXHAUL BROADCAST is pleased to announce their Summer ’10 national tour.  Currently rotating nine songs on US & UK radio, VOXHAUL BROADCAST will be touring all summer to build steam for the release of their appropriately titled upcoming debut full-length, Timing Is Everything. Produced by … [Read more...]

GroundScore – Healthy Children

How do you form a band that specializes in carefree and irreverent ska-punk jams without falling victim to the occasional Sublime reference? The short answer is that you don’t. Whether it was a deliberate move or not, there’s can be no questioning that Washington, DC trio GroundScore has more than just personnel numbers in common with the SoCal … [Read more...]

Neil Nathan – The Distance Calls

Road tripping into the valleys of retro rock always sounds like a marvelous idea. It leads one to think that suddenly, any possible sound can be altered and skewed to reflect whatever it is that we want to reflect. But, mostly, the classic sounds of the 70s continue to allow the ability to be able to showcase your own desires and fruitions and, in … [Read more...]

Alex B – Moments

What really made J Dilla shine – as a producer at least – as someone who knew how to melt sounds together, was his ability at making the best of hip-hop blend in with electronic elements. His drums, in particular, were his trademark weapon: enabling and adapting them to whatever sample he chose for the day. Those that would simply call Jay Dee’s … [Read more...]

Painted Hills – s/t

Painted Hills throw just enough haze to mask their straightforward rock music, with a thin veil over the production and some synth help. It's just the kind of come-and-go music that will always make up the bulk of the music landscape. How many awful albums do you hear? If you aren't an over-reactive extremist, there's probably three or four albums … [Read more...]

Five in a Hand – “Alien Ballz”

"5 in a hand.....if you're lucky," seems to be the tagline for this small experimental rock group from Iowa. Yes, Iowa of all places. The band is comprised of five members playing various instruments with comparable sounds to MSI, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Beastie Boys. An odd combination of influences, but perhaps why this group is so … [Read more...]

New album from Backwords out now

New York's Backwords releases Quilt LP Click to download "And The Sigh" mp3 Backwords is: Brian Russ – guitar, banjo, harmonica, keys, vocals John Sheldon – drums, vocals Tim Pioppo – bass, vocals Backwords blends modern psychedelics with folk rock, 60s pop and a myriad other sonic surprises, delivering gentle, lazy melodies that stick … [Read more...]

New video and album from Tera Melos

Long-running Sacramento genre-benders Tera Melos have released the first of several videos created to accompany the trio's forthcoming full-length, Patagonian Rats. The video for the song "The Skin Surf" -- directed by Behn Fannin (The Melvins, Nurses) -- shows the band at its quirky, clever finest. Watch it HERE. The wily melodies and scurrying … [Read more...]

Tour Dates for Sahara Smith

Starting on September 8, 21-year-old singer/songwriter Sahara Smith will embark on a fall tour supporting the release of her T Bone Burnett-shepherded debut, 'Myth of the Heart,' out August 31 on Playing in Traffic Records. Of her recent LA debut at the Hotel Café, the LA Times raved, "at the top end, her voice hits angelic highs reminiscent of … [Read more...]

Burnt Ones release debut album

"Burnt to Lose": My Old Kentucky Blog's recently launched label, Roaring Colonel Records, will release Black Teeth & Golden Tongues the debut album from San Francisco-via-Indianapolis trio Burnt Ones. Hot on the heels of the All Night Long 7-inch (RCR001), Black Teeh & Golden Tongues is a … [Read more...]