For Today – “Devastator”

For Today

For Today are among many in the long line of Christian metal/hardcore bands on Facedown Records. Some have believed hardcore finds its place on the outskirts of Christianity, but that no longer remains true. For Today originates from Sioux City, Iowa. “Devastator” comes from their third album Breaker out on August 31st. Vocalist Mattie Montgomery’s delivery is just as intense as you’d expect. Nothing holds back this five piece in conveying their message, or their technical abilities as musicians. “We will storm the gates of Hell and tear it to the ground” the latter is sung in classic 80’s hardcore sing-along fashion and whether we believe or not it’ll force you to sit up and pay your respects. No direct influence is relevant in For Today’s sound: usually one can distinguish such a thing (i.e. Pathology is directly influenced by Deeds Of Flesh). This one thing sets them apart from your everyday, run of the mill hardcore/metal band. Signature breakdowns that are a staple in For Today’s music are plentiful in “Devastator”. If this track in any way represents the overall fury and devastation of Breaker, it will surely place this group at the the top of the genre.

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