Five in a Hand – “Alien Ballz”

5 in a hand

“5 in a hand…..if you’re lucky,” seems to be the tagline for this small experimental rock group from Iowa. Yes, Iowa of all places. The band is comprised of five members playing various instruments with comparable sounds to MSI, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Beastie Boys. An odd combination of influences, but perhaps why this group is so intriguing.

Putting aside their interesting rhythmic flow of words and lyrics and overall raspiness the singer can conjure, I choose their instrumental song, which displays legitimate music entrepreneurship and a name that makes me giggle, “Alien Ballz”. I stumbled along this band when a good friend offered me a link to some local music, specifically telling me to listen to the aforementioned song. I figured I would give it a go, if nothing else because of the funny title. However, I was hooked from the intro. In the beginning, the synth leads with a hot lick that sounds straight from outer space, or perhaps the 80’s. Regardless, the prominent synthesizer riff got me interested and the layering of digitized effects, manipulation of sound, and the unorthodox use of instrumental sound kept me in.

This band dares to experiment, which is commendable and what keeps the listening audience guessing. The track “Alien Ballz” is just an example of the bands willingness to experiment musically as well as their desire to have fun. Upon finishing this song, listen to the other tracks this band has to offer. Their style, musicianship and diversity in genre, style and lyrical flow is something that can’t be found just anywhere, you have to look in Iowa.