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Air Conditioning School Prep New Album, Video
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Minneapolis’ Air Conditioning School is the latest project from So TM records, the home of Total Babe and UltraChorusAir Conditioning School is a solo project of Chris Heidman (Sukpatch), whose releases on Sub Pop,  Grand Royal and Moshi Moshi garnered much critical praise.  He now brings you his full length debut titled General Mountain Time out August 3rd.

Air Conditioning School gives us the first view of Heidman’s song writing without the compromise of collaboration.  The result is full of serenely relaxed melodies, acoustic guitars and keyboards, mixed with hints of Heidman’s past as an indie-electro pioneer, showing his influences from everything to early Sebadoh to stereolab to VU.  The song-writing is simple, sincere storytelling that falls somewhere between Yo La Tengo Beck’sSea Change”,  Silver Jews,  and old Palace BrothersGeneral Mountain Time is a production masterpiece, one not seen in Heidman’s previous repitoire.

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