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The Weepies – Be My Thrill

If you’ve even had cursory exposure to the husband and wife songwriting team known as The Weepies, then you know full well how effortless it can be to cozy up with their gently affecting ruminations on the joys and agonies of love.  Have you seen the video for “Can’t Go Back Now,” off of 2008’s Hideaway? A gorgeous acoustic-driven gem about facing … [Read more...]

Kopek- White Collar Lies

Sometime in the late eighties to early nineties, I thought everyone got together and decided arena rock and hair metal had run its unbearable course. Grunge helped put a stop to that, which would itself get laughable as the alt-grunge bands flooded the scene. Music like Kopek is why the underground exists. When a style takes over the radio, … [Read more...]

Lehto & Wright – Children’s Songs

European folk is arguably the oldest style around today. Bands of the 1960s and 70s like Jethro Tull, Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention modernized the art, but their material was influenced by lore and poetry dating back centuries in the annals of UK history. Although you might expect such a band to have many members, in the case of Lehto & … [Read more...]

Built By Animals – Corporate Syndrome EP

It’s very easy to call Built By Animals a ‘nice’ band - they play nice, glittering, youthful rock’n’roll – that falls fairly heavily on the yuppie, indie movie trailer side of things. Matt Graff’s throaty vocals recall both the unplanned, cool-calm-collect shrugs of Julian Casablancas and the wishy-washy heart-sickened croak of Jeff Tweedy – he … [Read more...]

Interview with Seinking Ships

Hello Christopher, Eric, and Miki!  I’m dead chuffed to be doing this interview with the three of you in support of your new Seinking Ships album Museum Quality Capture that set sail in June. Christopher, you’re based in the Cleveland, Ohio area, and Eric you are located in Oregon.  How did you two cross paths and at what point did you decide … [Read more...]

Air Conditioning School album out now

Air Conditioning School Prep New Album, Video "Wake Me Up" Video Link: "Up On": Minneapolis’ Air Conditioning School is the latest project from So TM records, the home of Total Babe and UltraChorus.  Air Conditioning School is a solo project of Chris Heidman … [Read more...]

Balkans releases 3-song 7″

Balkans deliver raw energy on the 3-song Georganne 7" Click to download "Georganne" (free mp3) Hailing from the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia, the Balkans are lifelong friends with roots starting in elementary school. When the boys came of age and discovered the city, the four fresh-faced teens won the hearts of Atlanta performing with a … [Read more...]

Burnt Ones – Black Teeth And Golden Tongues

Exactly what images and imagined or remembered sounds do the words 'Dream Pop' conjure up? Ear blistering fuzztone guitar riffs, echoing doo-wop inspired three part harmony choruses, crashing and swaying drum rhythms, flashing stage lights, big shiny guitars and stage sets, and walking out of a gig half deaf and/or blinded. That's what pop music … [Read more...]

Danny and The Parkins Sisters – s/t

It's usually a good sign when someone goes into the vault and re-releases lost recordings from an artist. It's usually a sign of the artist's importance, or maybe a measure of the impact that the artist had on the individual responsible for the re-pressing. In the case of Danny and The Parkins Sisters, the artist is a no-wave, near-unknown, … [Read more...]

For Today – “Devastator”

For Today are among many in the long line of Christian metal/hardcore bands on Facedown Records. Some have believed hardcore finds its place on the outskirts of Christianity, but that no longer remains true. For Today originates from Sioux City, Iowa. "Devastator" comes from their third album Breaker out on August 31st. Vocalist Mattie Montgomery's … [Read more...]