Short Takes on Two Singles and One Full Length

Amy Denio - Tutto Bene

Amy DenioTutto Bene: Canzoni Sulla Fisa

Spoot Music

An album of accordion music? You betcha! This gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Seattle, WA has more than 43 CDs to her credit. She tours with gypsy-core band Kultur Shock and collaborates with many others. Twenty tracks of accordion music (with tons of other instruments as well) seems a bit excessive for all but the most diehard lovers of this instrument, but Denio really does a superb of showing of the range of the accordion. Plus, Denio has a set of killer pipes and can really belt out a tune. If you’re looking for something completely different than what you’ve been hearing lately, give Tutto Bene: Canzoni Sulla Fisa a shot.

Ladi6 - "Question" single

Ladi6 – “Question” single

BBE Music

New Zealand’s Ladi6, aka Karoline Tamati and musical partner Parks, delights with beautiful soul on her single “Question”. From the debut album Time is Not Much, this track shows off Ladi6’s smooth sound of soft R&B style acoustics and easy jazz. Although I’m not normally drawn to this style of music, Tamati’s velvet voice can’t be ignored. If Time is Not Much contains similarly strong songs, I can’t imagine Ladi6 not finding its way onto myriad summer mix CDs. European fans take note, Ladi 6 is visiting you this month: July 15 – Jazzterrace – Vitoria (ES), July 17 – Beachclub BUITEN w/ Electric Wire Hustle – Scheveningen (NL), July 19 – Sugarfactory w/ Electric Wire Hustle – Amsteram (NL), July 25 – Splash – Gr√§fenheinichen (DE), and July 31 – Juicy Beats Festival – Dortmund (DE).

Revolver - "Get Around Town" single

Revolver – “Get Around Town” single


A modern take on 16th & 17th century chamber music? Well, sort of. France’s Revolver breathes some new life into melodic pop with “Get Around Town” from its upcoming debut full length Music for a While. The sunny harmonies are paired with interesting song structures, making “Get Around Town” a certified toe-tapper. This song is part Barbershop quartet (or, in this case, trio), part show tune, and part 60’s era pop. Revolver has certainly studied its fair share of early Beatles and Beach Boys tunes and expertly channels those influences into something fresh. Is this representative of what’s coming out of France recently? I sure hope so.

“Get Around Town” by Revolver