Seinking Ships – Museum Quality Capture

Seinking Ships - Museum Quality Capture

Seinking Ships is the long-distance music project between Ohio-based Christopher Seink and Oregon-located Eric Matthews (Cardinal), with guest vocals on three songs by U.K.-residing Miki Berenyi (1990s dreampop band Lush).  Museum Quality Capture is out now and distributed by S-Curve Records.  A mellow, ambient vibe runs through most of the songs, similar to the subtle instrumentation of Australia’s All Indian Radio, with pleasantly easy-going interludes kicked up a notch by Miki’s rarefied, hovering vocals on certain tracks.

“One Day Forever” is a serene afternoon daydream of Lush-like chiming guitars, relaxed horn pulls, and drawn-out synths that enlarge the atmosphere.  Deep, spacey synths reverberate through “The Pain Galactic” amid a placid beat, measured cymbal hit, and starry electronic squirks.  Midway through the song, stately strings and buzzing distorted notes emerge to heighten the tone.

“We Will Drink Wine” features Miki’s airy, slightly downcast vocals buoyed by contemplative piano, lofty organ notes, and cymbal shimmer.  Over time, low-tone, longing strings materialize as Miki sighs, tinged with regret “Is it all a dream? Should we even try? / To tell the truth I need you.”  “The Crisis” changes up the pace and mood, rocking out a bit with fiery, distorted guitar lines half-way through the song before it goes back to its original, coolly smooth beat and aching strings.  Miki appears again on “Digging His Own Hole” amid a fast tempo, spacey pulls of synth, sharp rock guitar patterns, and laid-back horns shading Miki’s vocals as she breathily sing-talks the phrases “fall down” and “touch the ground.”

“You Didn’t Love Me” creates a quality aural capture not only due to Miki’s vocals, but also because of the inclusion and cohesion of all the main instruments that can be found scattered across the album, from the shaken sand percussion to the synth undercurrent to cymbal shimmer, loops of fiery guitar lines that lift up the song, and bittersweet strings to touches of subdued horns and backing vocals from Eric.  Miki’s voice floats as light as a feather, but is fraught with weighty intent as she draws out the words “In my tears I drown again… / You didn’t love me like I’d planned.”