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Jen Gloeckner – Mouth of Mars

Singer-songwriter Jen Gloeckner self-released her debut album Miles Away in 2004 and her new follow-up album, Mouth of Mars, was released in March and recorded at Jen’s own Hazy Sky Studio in Iowa.  She co-produced the album with record producer Brian McTeer (Danielson, Woven Hand).  A handful of guest artists collaborate on the album including … [Read more...]

Francis International Airport – Monsters 7″ Single

Francis International Airport's new 7" single hits like gangbusters in its seven minute run time. "Monsters" is a dense, lush guitar rock song that focuses on atmosphere and a flourishing melody. Frontman Markus Zahradnicek paces throughout the verses before unleashing a thunderous hook to drive the song home. "Monsters" cools down for the final … [Read more...]

“Rock Yourself To Sleep” at Philadelphia’s Trocadero Theatre

On July 23rd the “Rock Yourself To Sleep” tour played Philadelphia’s legendary Trocadero Theatre. I’d never heard of any of the bands playing before, but there certainly were a lot of people waiting with me who were fans. The line was full of teenage girls (and a few guys and parents) wearing the newest punk pop T-shirts and flaunting their … [Read more...]

Second Single from Sankt Otten

Hidden Shoal Recordings today announced the release of the second freely downloadable single from the latest album by German cinematic pop duo Sankt Otten. Download the single and bonus track here and read on for more info. ‘Mein Freund aus Köln’ soars slowly and elegantly across the night sky like a neon bird. The listener is carried along by … [Read more...]

New 7″ from FUR

FUR Announces New Digital 7" and hit the road "Polybreak" link: Check out the new trippy jams from FUR on this digital 7″. Polybreak features the new member of FUR Gray St. Germain Gideon (previously of Ghosthustler). The 7″ also features a Letherette remix of FUR’s “Friends. FUR on … [Read more...]

Salli Lunn – Heresy And Rite

"The Frame Of Reference" opens with as rattle of synthetic and a purposeful drumbeat. Over this, plucked bass strings and distant keyboards back some convoluted lyricism: 'a sketch and a drawing / pronouncing the problem to be redefined'. The bass slows and the song paradoxically takes flight, its mood simultaneously maudlin, neurotic, mildly … [Read more...]

Bambara – Dog Ear Days EP

Like a sonic assault reminiscent of A Place To Bury Strangers, Bambara's new release Dog Ear Days nevertheless manages to shape sound into more than just blunt-force trauma for the ears. The band knows how to craft melodies, wrap them in barbed wire, and drop them in acid. The band hits on many touchpoints of post-punk and shoegaze but never sounds … [Read more...]

New sophomore Album from Cabinessence

PORTLAND, OREGON-BASED SPACE-HIPPIE-COUNTRY ACT CABINESSENCE CELEBRATE RELEASE OF "NAKED FRIENDS," ON SEATTLE-BASED INDIE SPARK & SHINE RECORDS Portland, Oregon-based Cabinessence are celebrating the release of their sophomore album, "Naked Friends," their debut for Seattle-based indie Spark & Shine Records.  Led by Nathan Maricle and … [Read more...]

everyBoy releases new Single and Album

[MP3]: At 17, everyBoy (aka Bruce Nathan) entered Brown University with the goal of learning Japanese before graduation. Four years later, he was fluent enough to find himself working in Japan, studying classical Japanese literature, haiku poetry, and … [Read more...]

Guest Review: Mark Lesseraux Reviews Kyle Bobby Dunn’s A Young Person’s Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn

Kyle Bobby Dunn is a 24 year old Canadian born minimalist, ambient-classical composer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. Over the past ten years (since he was 14 or 15 it seems) he has been presenting his compositions in live settings, including exclusive outdoor and site specific environments, throughout North America. Having reviewed his catalog, it is … [Read more...]