New Album from Nice Purse out soon

Nice Purse Prep New Album Black Medal
“Heart Medley”:

Nice Purse began as the brainchild of singer/songwriter France Camp. France was looking for better methods towards spare change and started “busking” around the Minneapolis Uptown area. After an extensive bout with covers, France eventually grew bored and started writing his own songs. France emailed a few of his tracks to his childhood friend Ian “Indian” Davis was instantly charmed by the passionate sounds France was creating. The duo soon signed up good friends Dylan and Elise to join them on their debut album Black Medal, Nice Purse is a blend of Violent Femmes and Bright Eyes, with a tiny bit of the Modern Lovers tossed in. Their songs are celebrations, often with their roots in tragedy.

Nice Purse’s songs seem to be wrought with equal amounts of insecurity and confidence. It is this mixture that makes France’s insights so poignant. Even if you’ve never loved and lost, France will pull at your heart strings and pull you into his lush musical world. Their new studio recording (to be released on the Minneapolis label, SoTM, August 10th) show a surprisingly mature side to the sounds of Nice Purse. There are more than brief moments of greatness on their debut album Black Medal.
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