New 7″ from music video? out now

SINGLE: “I’m Afraid Of Everything” [ MP3]

…music video? grew out of the collaborative and vibrant music scene in Tucson, AZ, where the desert heat melts styles and genres together in creative ways. Voted Tucson’s best electronic band for five years running, …music video? strives to blur the line that separates noise from pop. Songwriter/keyboardist Paul Jenkins, producer Wes McCanse and multi-instrumentalist J. Lugo Miller blend melodies with electronic beats, controlled chaos, and the best of countless genres.   They have self-released two critically-acclaimed albums (2004’s Fireproof Your TV , and 2007’s Now That My TV Has Wings I’ll Never Be Lonely ), been a featured band on NPR, and performed an official showcase at the 2009 SXSW festival.

“I’m Afraid Of Everything” b/w “feelgooddesperation” is a glimpse into …music video?‘s future, where the alluring voice of Paul Jenkins and a bangin’ backbeat relax on a bed of lush noise. “I’m Afraid Of Everything” hearkens back to a time when recorded music could only be heard with a needle on a record, where guitar chords wept, and where a slow jam could break someone’s heart. It’s an all-out groove, complete with harmonies and wah-wah that shimmers with the reflected light of a disco ball. “feelgooddesperation” is a remix/collaboration that juxtaposes the aptly-titled instrumental …music video? track “postrockfeelgoodsongofthemillenium” with the mournful lyrics of fellow Tucson band Musica Obscura ‘s “Desperation.”   Piano and shifting, energetic noise blend with soulful vocals to create a haunting yet uplifting soundtrack for this new decade.

“I’m Afraid of Everything” shows the way Jenkins, McCanse, and Miller transfer the desert heat into cool harmonies and rhythms. If I’m Afraid of Everything is any indication, …music video? is headed fast toward a prominent place on permanent playlists everywhere— both the one inside your head and the ones outside.