Hans Condor – “Just Remember Have Fun”

Hans Condor. JJ's Bohemia. Chattanooga, TN. 6/2/10

Oh, how lucky a person can be to find themselves in Chattanooga, TN on June 2, 2010? The place was JJ’s Bohemia and it was, as I remember, just your average, everyday open mic. Yeah, right! So, the featured artist that night was none other than Nashville, Tennessee’s own Hans Condor. I sat at the bar at first with my beer, sipping slowly with my eyes peeled and bugging out of my head at the absolute explosion going on a few feet away on the stage. Hans Condor blew me away, they really did. I chatted with the guys after the show and bought their EP and a sticker.

Off their EP is this song, “Just Remember Have Fun”. This three piece (Charles, Erik, and Roger) represents the truest possible form of rock and roll – simple, honest and fucking brutal. Hans Condor has a sound that immediately draws your attention because it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to seeing Iggy And The Stooges back in 1969 or MC5 in all those jumbled “old time” videos of “Kick Out The Jams”. This group of friends comes together on stage with the passion to play and melt your face in the way only good rock and roll can.

“Just Remember Have Fun” is anthemic, sad, and also serves as a call to arms. I keep going back to the word “pure”, but it is quite possibly the best

Hans Condor

description of Hans Condor. On this fateful night in June when I had the honor and privilege of seeing them there were 15 people in the crowd, but you would of thought it was Madison Square Garden. Never have I seen a band make the crowd part of a show more than I did on that Wednesday night. At one point, the singer/guitarist was on the floor, playing like it was his last show, and you know something? – they ALL played like it was their last show ever on the last night of their lives.

A band can draw you in by their recorded music and maybe you like them enough to go see them perform. But, sometimes you find yourself in some town, on some random night, looking at a flyer next to the clubs bathroom wondering to yourself what the band advertised is all about. It just so happens that I was in the right place at the right time to catch this stellar, emotional, fun, triumphant, and exhilarating band called Hans Condor. It was the first time I’d ever stepped foot in Chattanooga and I am forever grateful that this band was there with me.

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