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Fol Chen – Part II: The New December

The eclecticism of pop music has always been its best-suited aspect: a true, tested and long-lasting versatility that will only get better with time. Recently, more and more artists have begun to stretch its boundaries – digging and scratching through the tangled spectrum – and its umbrella is, along with its sister genre, electronic music, … [Read more...]

I’m From Barcelona – Let Me Introduce My Friends

Two months after their second EP, Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, Buddy!, Swedish pop band I’m From Barcelona (their name a clever homage to the inept character Manuel on the BBC’s hilarious 1975 comedy, Fawlty Towers) expanded those four tracks into their first full length album, Let Me Introduce My Friends. Best known for the twenty-nine band … [Read more...]

BUSSES – “Stationary”

Coming straight out of Philly, the three-piece band BUSSES released their self-titled album July 27th. The single "Stationary" encompasses an array of influences and styles that reflect a rather unique sound. These eclectic influences include 60's/70's classic rock, jazz, prog rock and punk. What makes this single truly special is the use … [Read more...]

The Dø – North American Tour

09/07 – New York, Mercury Lounge 09/08 – Brooklyn, The Bell House 09/09 – Montreal, La Sala Rossa 09/10 – Quebec City, The Envol et Macadam Festival 09/11 – Toronto, The Mod Club 09/13 – Chicago, Schubas Tavern 09/14 – Minneapolis, 7th Street Entry 09/17 – Vancouver, Biltmore Cabaret 09/18 - Seattle, Crocodile Cafe 09/19 – Portland, Doug … [Read more...]

New 7″ from music video? out now

SINGLE: "I'm Afraid Of Everything" [ MP3] video? grew out of the collaborative and vibrant music scene in Tucson, AZ, where the desert heat melts styles and genres together in creative ways. Voted Tucson's best electronic band for five years running, video? strives to blur the line that separates noise from pop. … [Read more...]

Christopher Willits – Tiger Flower Circle Sun

Guitarist, improviser, multimedia artist, and software aficionado Christopher Willits has returned with a follow up to his 2006 album Surf Boundaries. That album took his experimental guitar processing techniques, which up to that point were usually pretty if somewhat small and academic sounding, and developed expansive structures and environments … [Read more...]

The Hepburns – How the Fallen Are Mighty

It's always nice to put on a record that turns out to be unpredictable, even when the record in question isn't necessarily a great one. Hearing a band work through a wide range of interests, whether it involves messing around with songform or new technologies or integrating disparate styles, is always welcome after so much music that hews close to … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Three Albums

Smoke Fairies - Ghosts V2 Records Smoke Fairies is the London-based duo of Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies and the U.S.-only release Ghosts compiles their first two singles and an EP into a 9-song disc of hauntingly stark and beautiful noir alt-folk tunes that revolve around the gals’ ethereal to earthy dual … [Read more...]

New Single from Holy Family

Holy Family Offers Up New Single "Whatever There's to Know": Holy Family consists of three members from different parts of the Gothenburg region in Sweden. They started the band in the summer of 2009 with the goal to tour Eastern Europe. Initially, the band was only created to do … [Read more...]

New Album from Nice Purse out soon

Nice Purse Prep New Album Black Medal "Heart Medley": Nice Purse began as the brainchild of singer/songwriter France Camp. France was looking for better methods towards spare change and started "busking" around the Minneapolis Uptown area. After an extensive bout with covers, France eventually … [Read more...]