Too Late for Roses – Debut

Too Late for Roses – Debut

First impressions always seem to be the strongest form of whether or not you remember someone or not. On top of that, if that first impression doesn’t stick in your mind then you might see little reason to even stick around. On Too Late for Roses’ debut album, which is aptly titled Debut, they happen to have a lot of things going for them and for the most part, the first impression seems to be getting there. However, there is no denying that there needs to be a little bit of strategizing and training for further successes to follow.

Karl von Kries sounds vindictively strong when he sings about the tears we are lead to when things go wrong on “Move On” and how the hardest decision is usually the right one. His guitar is gearing about how he is continuing to hunt for his prey and while von Kries sings the same words (“Forever hunting. Hunting, hunting”), they are in unison, supporting each other. The same method is used through the album and it hones in on the strengths while attempting to minimize the weaknesses. It’s a strategy that works for some and Too Late for Roses benefit from it; you just wish it was a little bit more dynamic in terms of cohesiveness.

There’s no problem with featuring a targeted, instantly recognizable sound that identifies your band from the other ones out there, but there needs to be a determined focus on ensuring that it never gets stale. Throw in a different solo or a longer bridge and even, change the key, but unfortunately, Debut mostly swims in the same water through its entirety. “Pacifier” is one of the lost gems that Collective Soul never wrote and it definitely harkens back to that Alternative rock sound from the 90s. It has a sparkling guitar at the front and a stampeding bull of drums in the back, with a belting singer to boast. It’s still a strong call from where it could be but for what it’s worth, there is success in trying out new endeavors.

It even seems to work on other songs, like “Snow & Dust,” where von Kries and his team develop a Latin-infused guitar lick that while brief, showcases a new attempt in trying to branch out. It positively affects him as a singer because his vocals in turn, come out smooth and gathered, almost like a gelling animal on the prowl. He’s mentioned hunting in the past for sure, and it sincerely comes out of him like an uncontrollable urge. It makes perfect sense for them to include his soundtrack to MASKS where everything is ominously arranged and incredibly spooky. You never really fear for your own safety but even its 80s-inspired guitar and shrieking locals cause for a frightening experience.

I’d venture into saying that this probably even lands somewhere near the upper middle of first impression classifications. It’s not showy and it’s not over-bearing but it is joyously wrapped up in a steaming collection of solid music. Too Late for Roses even throws in a last twenty minutes or so of tranquil music to simply, fall asleep to and good intentions and all, there is still much to be desired.

“1985” by Too Late for Roses

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