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Interview with Theodore Jackson of Distorted Pony

Reunions seem to be topic of discussion these days as more and more bands are doing them. Let the past be the past for music's sake. To some, it may be the money and to others it's an attempt regain that thrill they had long ago - the excitement of once again sharing the stage with your friends to simply rock out and have a good time. The latter is … [Read more...]

New Album from Florene out now

Florene's Homemade Extacy is out now. "Deal With It" "Space Cadets" Aaron and Gavin met while working at a camera shop in North Texas. Aaron had recently been in an epic pop group of large membership that had seen its demise with diverging … [Read more...]

Tour Dates for Blood Red Shoes

READING AND LEEDS FESTIVAL ANNOUNCED! we've been keeping this under wraps for a while now but the PEOPLE IN CHARGE say we're finally allowed to tell the world...we are happy to say we're playing this year's reading and leeds festival. for leeds that actually means it's our 4th year in a row playing the best part is, we've been given a slot 3rd … [Read more...]

Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here?

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder why bands label-hop. Why’d Low leave Kranky for Sub Pop, or Polvo trade Merge for Touch and Go? In the case of Emeralds, putting out music on multiple labels makes sense, since they produce and release so much material. So moving from one label to another isn’t such a dramatic deal for them, but their recent move is … [Read more...]

Mutant Beatniks – Blazen

As the electronic music scene continues to re-invent itself, it all too often arrives at some very familiar destinations; at the same co-ordinates which Giorgio Moroder and Ralph Hutter took as their startpoints in the late 1970s. Essentially, the monophonic repeated note, performed at varying frequencies, remains the basis of the electropop world … [Read more...]

Puracane – I’ve Been Here the Longest

If Portishead’s trip-hop freaked you out a little bit and Mazzy Star’s shoegazey dream pop was just too saccharine, then Brooklyn’s Puracane might just have the remedy. Lacking the melodramatic Sturm und Drang of Depeche Mode but too groove-oriented to qualify as ambient chill, Puracane’s amalgam of electronic loops, ghostly vocals, and bass-heavy … [Read more...]

Foals – Total Life Forever

For a lot of people in the music writing biz, the aughts will go down as the era of marketable post-punk. Two decades after Ian Curtis & company invented the genre, a legion of disciples (Interpol, The Libertines and Bloc Party) took their borrowed sounds to the top of the international charts and festival billings alike. But now in 2010 all is … [Read more...]

Transient Songs – Cave Syndrome

Primarily the work of a duo, Transient Songs sounds like a full band on Cave Syndrome. Even though the group likes to compare itself to The Church and The Chameleons, its music reaches back a bit farther, into the neo-psych of Green on Red or Dream Syndicate quite a bit. This stuff is really singer-songwriter work. You know how it is: acoustic … [Read more...]

The Pineapple Thief – Someone Here is Missing

The Pineapple Thief were always a band who wore their influences on their sleeve. However, even with undeniable similarities to Radiohead, Ozric Tentacles, and Porcupine Tree, they consistently deliver catchy, emotive songwriting and progressive rock innovation. Someone Here is Missing places some new production techniques over their trademark … [Read more...]

The Sunset Curse – Artificial Heart

If you missed The Cubists’ Mechanical Advantage, last year’s dark horse surprise of a smorgasbord of indie styles whipped into an intoxicating and entertaining brew, make sure you don’t miss this year’s candidate, The Sunset Curse’s first full-length album, Artificial Heart. It may not pack quite the eclectic and stylish punch as the former, but it … [Read more...]