Free the Robots – Ctrl Alt Delete

Free the Robots – Ctrl Alt Delete

The music scene in LA has to be one of the richest areas if you want to be someone in the dubstep/producer sport. Like contemporaries Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing, Free the Robots is a fuzzed out, beated in, electronic whirlwind of jagged music. Pushing forward with the pedal at the type of tempo that you’d refer to as Adagio, this isn’t the electronic music flowing from other parts. Brilliantly varied and when the bliss is felt, it’s fantastic; Ctrl Alt Delete is a spellbinding journey through craft and creativity.

What makes everything so much fuller and deeper than some of the other tempered beats, is the substance and poise at which the synths connect. They’re booming and never distract, instead adding a diverse color that dresses the music with flourishing precision. The planet Jupiter is a mesmerizing planet that is fueled and energized through scorching gasses and temperatures, and on “Jupiter,” that same intensity is felt. That driving, pulsating journey; it’s on every single song on here.

And sure, we can look at the hand on the cover and how its wires are firing through their sockets in what appears to be the emergence of life and know that its roots are in the scientific field. Chris Alfaro fills his album with scientific sounds in the way of synths dressed as lasers and keyboards acting as the solar system and in songs that feature Orion’s Belt and even granite. When “Granite Rock” hits, with its squelching beams of fire, its sample is not only instantly recognized but it truly marks the juncture on the album where everything will be featured in such a manner that not only does it impress but leave a lasting impression.

The opening song is always the most heavily scrutinized because let’s face it, when your music is a divulging creature of mass that it needs to not only be taken in whole but through a focused eye, the initial projection needs to be at least somewhat memorable. And fittingly titled “Sci-Fidelity” hits with heavy synths and even bigger beats; but it all comes to a melting pot with the way the atmospherics recall the lost sounds of Halloween music and tones. Eerie and somewhat morbid, this is a new spectrum of sounds that he’s taking you to and you should be prepared because it’s worth it.

These are so rich and so direct that it almost feels like a crime being able to take them in: listen, get to “The Eye” and freak out when you hear those wild organ sounds that are being manipulated by way of Ikey Owens and then, before you forget, check out the sample on the aforementioned “Sci-Fidelity,” to find out that its deep in the song and magnificent, and at that point, Ctrl Alt Delete has already left a lasting impact. It’s not so much a question of whether LA wants him or not, it’s more whether or not they’re worthy, because this album is downright excellent.

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