Evil Men Have No Songs – s/t EP

Evil Men Have No Songs

The depth and breadth of yet-unknown (or at least not widely known) and unsigned talent that can be found on MySpace is truly amazing.  One such artist that stands out is Hungary-based Evil Men Have No Songs (the name is a Nietzsche quote).  This “band” is actually a guy named RP and he creates appealing song structures and sonics that meld lo-fi Jesus And Mary Chain fuzz with partly sunny, 60s-inspired pop melodies.

His self-titled, 4-song EP, which was released in January, is available for free download online at: http://evilmenhavenosongs.bandcamp.com/

RP describes his music as “shoe-wop” and “twee-gaze”, a pleasing mix of shoegazer, doo-wop, and twee styles.  The instrumentation is complex and layered, pop hooks abound, and there is a high contrast between the buzzing guitar distortion and RP’s dreamy, lightly-accented vocals.

“No You No Me” sounds like a 60s Girl Group tune sung by RP and coated in a continual layer of fuzz where strings, reverb guitar, chiming tings, and tambourine jangle peek out of the scouring distortion.  The fast-tempo, surf-pop of “Stand By” zips by with twangy, tangling reverb guitar lines and a darker, The Ramones-esque vocal delivery from RP as he sings plaintively “So far from you / I spend my days in silence / locked in a room…”

The measured drum beat and tambourine at the start of “Superstill” comes on like “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes with added burnished guitar frisson.  Guitars lines reel out towards the sky as RP sings about “…broken dreams…”.  In a break from the constant guitar distortion, “Syd the Beat” features uncanny pop hooks with strummed guitar, softly shaken beat, chiming notes, and RP singing in a subdued tone “…day in and day out / seeking a way out / try to reach the sunny sky…”

MySpace Site: http://www.myspace.com/evilmenhavenosongs