Archives for June 2010

Deepchord Presents Echospace – Liumin

Echospace’s first album, The Coldest Season, acted as a de facto summary of minimal techno forms at their chilliest, hearkening back to the boingy, static-y Basic Channel/Chain Reaction template, the deep echo and complex rhythms of dub techno artists exemplified by Pole, the tumultuous swooshing of Thomas Köner, and the hissing ambient grandeur of … [Read more...]

Zippo – The Road To Knowledge

The quality of an album depends just as much on the production as it does on the writing and performance. I have often encountered records with some interesting ideas that are ultimately ruined by poor sound, and I wish that the creators could go back and remix it, making it more polished and involving. The Road to Knowledge, the sophomore album by … [Read more...]

The Harvey Girls – I’ve Been Watching A Lot of Horror Movies Lately

The title isn't just some off-hand admission of the consequences of boredom driving a man to watch reel after reel of predictable film but rather a probable process that led to the creation of this weird and sometimes wonderful album. The Harvey Girls connection to the horror genre has got nothing to do with serial killers or shrieking, reluctant … [Read more...]

Rasputina – Sister Kinderhook

Rasputina mainstay Melora Creager returns with the band’s seventh studio album, Sister Kinderhook, produced and engineered by Melora, mixed by Brian Kehew (Fiona Apple, Air), and released on June 15th.  Rasputina is currently a trio of Melora (vocals, cello, banjo, harpsichord), Daniel DeJesus (backing vocals, erhu, and the band’s first male … [Read more...]

The Hundred in the Hands – This Desert EP

The Hundred in the Hands first came on the scene with the single “Dressed in Dresden”, a feverish collage of angular guitars, four-to-the-floor drums, and sharp yet intimate vocals. The tension running through their New Yorker veins bled all over the track, leaving a tinge similar to Interpol or The Strokes. Chanteuse Elenore Everdell initially … [Read more...]

New album from Red Wanting Blue in July

Columbus, Ohio’s Red Wanting Blue has been touring the heart of America for over a decade.  The band, led by Scott Terry and voiced by his gifted baritone, has self-released several records in that time and built a loyal following for its version of roots rock.  Throughout, Red Wanting Blue fielded label offers from indies and majors alike, but … [Read more...]

Free songs from The Band In Heaven

Shoegaze in the vein of My Bloody Valentine, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Jesus And Mary Chain, and Black Tambourine. It's all free for download at: Official Site: MySpace Site: … [Read more...]

Canasta – The Fakeout, the Tease, and the Breather

Chicago orchestral pop sextet Canasta has been riding a giant (and much deserved) wave of hype since their debut EP – Find the Time – was released to critical acclaim in 2003. Boasting a formidable lineup of multi-instrumentalists and a pop sensibility that gave equal nod to both melody and texture, frontman Matt Priest and his bandmates shrewdly … [Read more...]

The Silence Kit – Dislocations

The last release by Philly's The Silence Kit has its moments, and the new record Dislocations does as well. Overall, though, this one doesn't have quite the same overall impact and it's difficult to say exactly what's changed. The music hasn't changed drastically. This album sounds as though the band has gone for more of an 80s sound. Opener … [Read more...]

Common Prayer – There Is A Mountain

A frequently impressive and often stunning album that could trigger emotional responses from dinosaurs, if it had the chance, maybe... Not affiliated with The Book of Common Prayer, though it would be very good if they could get an endorsement for it, wouldn't it? Common Prayer like to do conventional things in unconventional ways like writing … [Read more...]