Ufomammut – Eve

Ufomammut - Eve

What happens when Meddle (Pink Floyd) is the initial inspiration for an atmospheric doom album? Now, with that as a starting point, join together the concept that, as stated by the band,”The album – comprised of one 45-minute atmospheric track, divided into five distinct movements – acts as a living homage to the first woman on Earth, and the rebellion to her creator for bringing knowledge to Mankind.” Ufomammut answers such questions with the release of Eve. A tale of self-discovery and journey towards true freedom that ensues when one begins to question their maker, sonically transmitted to us as only the Italian doomsters can.

With their fifth studio release Ufomammut tread new ground in a musical sub-genre that seems to have been floundering and ceaselessly rehashing the same old ideas. The compositional nature of this album (a single long play song broken down into five distinct movements) as opposed to traditional structures is a breath of fresh air in an often stagnant genre. With no individual “song” names, just roman numerals to denote a new movement, the band has even stepped further away from established traditions in modern music, and should really be applauded for doing so. A clever and witty song title is no substitute for well written and well executed music.

Eve is ethereal, yet heavy as the Earth to which its protagonist is bound. Repeated listens expose before unnoticed nuances. Deep, rich tones couple with lilting melodies, lending themselves to slow builds that evolve into crushing riffage and swirling maelstroms of sonic intensity. None of these would be so fully formed, though, without such a capable drummer. Simple (at first) rhythmic patterns are laid down, then expanded upon and woven into the fabric of these compositions so skillfully that I would put it out there that Ufomammut has some of the best builds of any band performing today. As a matter of fact, the entire album is (not just conceptually, but musically) is about rise and fall, and rise again.

The combination of  tribal drums with psychedelia-laced, effect-heavy doom riffage, along with the band members’ uncanny knack for melody and composition, are sure to infect any being that cares to take the time to listen; most certainly altering any consciousness it comes in contact with. Having been an avid Ufomammut fan for a number of years now, I can say that Eve is their most ambitious and fully realized effort to date, and is about to change everything.

Supernatural Cat