The Sister Ruby Band – A Shot in the Dark EP

The Sister Ruby Band – A Shot in the Dark EP

The music of Joy Division has left quite the impact on many bands still making music. While the comparison has worked for a few, it has also plagued others by pigeon-holing their own, respective, sounds. Some bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have pushed through it with albums that are all sublime and The Sister Ruby Band seems to be following that same path.

Their new EP, A Shot in the Dark, is a darkly layered album that combines the atmospherics of the former with the bluesy rock style of the latter. And though the title of this release definitely aids in capturing the sound of the music, this group of musicians seem to have a strong hold on what kind of success they have in mind. These songs are all superbly mature songs that convey a dark spirit of music and even through the ominous clouds, the music on this EP is a richly rewarding one.

Turning basic melodies into moody, swirling songs that possess an undercurrent of mystery seems like something The Sister Ruby Band was meant to write. And their music is cozily delivered with everything, including the live version of “The Night,” sounding intimately personal and affecting. The aforementioned song is a quiet acoustic guitar ballad that brings forth singer, , terrific voice and songwriting. It’s the only song on the album that sounds like but it’s also fitting, with the album’s corresponding slow burn of music.

Everything else on A Shot in the Dark is brooding music that combines mellow drumming with guitars that whether or not plugged in, always sound powerful and ready to deliver outstanding riffs. From the opening moments of “Rebecca (Just Take it From Me)” and its addition of instruments on top of each other, the status is one that is poised. There are a lot of sounds flowing throughout the songs and each one is distinctly heard through a haze of production that never gets too muddy. Even the low-chambered and deceptive “Your Mother Should Know” is dark and cloudy without ever depressing you; the music is far too enticing for that to happen.

I’ve always wondered what it must feel like for a band to select their desired sound when there are so many to choose from. These members must have a wide selection of musicians and bands that they love but at one point, you decide that “this is the kind of music I want to make.” It sounds both exciting and nerve-racking but fortunately, it seems as if The Sister Ruby Band selected the right sound – A Shot in the Dark celebrates this with a winning formula of music that is utterly captivating.

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