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The Walk Ons – We Did This On Purpose EP

The title rules out, for anyone who had wondered, any possiblity of this being the sort of 'chance' recording pioneered by John Cage. What the title doesn't tell you is that this is some pretty solid up-tempo slick rock, the sort (kinda) pioneered (kinda) by Franz Ferdinand and then copied by a thousand others with varying levels of success and … [Read more...]

Interview with Hostage Calm

Hostage Calm is from Wallingford, Connecticut and has been playing up and down the east coast since its DIY demo in 2007. With every member free of collegiate duties and a second LP announced on Run for Cover Records, it appears they will not be graduating from the band. Guitarist Tom Chiari has been with Hostage Calm since their melodic hardcore … [Read more...]

Ruby Throat’s debut album out on vinyl

Official News from the band Ruby Throat (AKA KatieJane Garside of QueenAdreena and Daisy Chainsaw and Chris Wittingham) A new tiny specialist record label on the west coast of america called 'THE LOVERS' WILL'  have done RUBY THROAT the great honour of pressing and releasing our 1st album 'the ventriloquist' on vinyl, this is a double album … [Read more...]

R.E.M. releasing 2CD version of Fables of the Reconstruction

R.E.M. will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their 3rd album Fables of the Reconstruction with a 2 CD release on July 13. The first disc will feature the original album while the second disc will contain demos of songs to appear on Fables as well as an early version of Lifes Rich Pageants' '"Hyena" and an previously unreleased track "Throw These … [Read more...]

Debut Album and Tour Dates from Sahara Smith

Sahara Smith is a stunning, young singer-songwriter who started performing at age 12, and first garnered national attention at age 15 when she placed second in a contest for young songwriters on A Prairie Home Companion. Now 21, Sahara is poised for a breakout with June tour dates supporting Mason Jennings, and a just-completed album of original … [Read more...]

New Album from Luna Is Honey

"Who Wouldn't" mp3: Luna is Honey has become a fixture in Los Angeles' burgeoning, increasingly diverse, and always progressive DIY music scene since their inception in 2006.  Having played in various bands together since their pubescent days as goth teens who gradually transitioned into … [Read more...]

Jeremy Jay – Splash

Sensitive rock ‘n’ roller Jeremy Jay has kept a prolific pace since 2007, releasing a slew of albums, EPs and singles with the support of K Records. He has two full-lengths in the can for release in 2010, and Splash is the first. Written and recorded as he lived in London between long stretches touring, it finds Jay in typically soul-searching … [Read more...]

Ceremony – Rocket Fire

Do you ever get into those heated debates, the kinds that quickly turn into arguments, about the best decade for music? People will always be biased towards whatever specific time they grew up in and it never seems to get anywhere. Craig Finn says 1977 was the best year in rock and roll, James Murphy wrote that the 80s are mostly forgotten, I … [Read more...]

The Bamboo Kids – The Way Things Are

This is Garage Rock 101 - listening to music like this, it becomes more obvious the quite incredible sphere of influence the Kings of Leon have had on emerging American bands in this century. Of course there's countless other bands that helped contribute to this sound, a quintessentially American sound. It doesn't seem very likely that The Bamboo … [Read more...]

Cheese People – “Open My Eyes”

What starts out as a truly sad, forlorn bass line reminiscent of "Wandering Star" via Portishead, Russia's Cheese People are blazing a trail here on "Open My Eyes". Their self titled LP was released last year and I am ashamed to say that it took this long to reach me. Cibo Matto would piss themselves at all 12 tracks (13 are found on this LP, the … [Read more...]