Lookbook – Wild at Heart

Lookbook - Wild at Heart

Lookbook are, at least intrinsically speaking, an electronica band. Their music is near-entirely built on a small army of synthesizer bleeps and drum machine baps, and they don’t sound particularly unlike every other vocal-focused dance band on the scene these days – which isn’t entirely unexpected.

I will say the duo’s latest record Wild at Heart captures a distinctly retro take on dance music, a time where the genre was still rather disassociated with Hip-Hop sensibilities, and ended up serving the backdrop for massive, anglo-ist, stadium-filling bombshells in the vein of “Blue Monday” or “Hungry Like The Wolf.” Lookbook are at their best when they’re paying that homage, “The Only Ones,” “Surprise” and “Passenger” bang like they were born in 1985. Neither the dance nor the indie world are exactly opposed to the notions of farming the ‘80s for songwriting tips, but Lookbook do it with a certain sense of… un-hipness that actually comes off rather refreshing. The eurodance back-beats are as much Taylor Dane as they are New Order.

Maggie Morrison ends up being the real star of the record, she tightropes between a disco-funk dancefloor goddess and a lash-tongued indie rock superstar, (think KarenO.) Her vocals end up making the record far more indispensable than it ought to be. Wild at Heart is a record for a very specific niche, if you have a sort of deep nostalgia for ‘80s dance-pop at its most cheesy, it’s pretty easy to love.