Cheese People – “Open My Eyes”

Cheese People

What starts out as a truly sad, forlorn bass line reminiscent of “Wandering Star” via Portishead, Russia’s Cheese People are blazing a trail here on “Open My Eyes”. Their self titled LP was released last year and I am ashamed to say that it took this long to reach me. Cibo Matto would piss themselves at all 12 tracks (13 are found on this LP, the last being a remix of the second song, “Ua-A-A!”).

What is found here on track 10 is super fun, creepy, danceable beat-laden music. Although “Open My Eyes” is way too short it may be for the best. If this barrage lasted any longer than three minutes my brain would explode through my $40 headphones. Just over 49 seconds in and the programming pops, bounces and beeps like that of the first hand view of an alien abduction. As odd as that may seem, visions of The 4th Kind fly through my head, but with a bit less terror.When listening to this track you can’t help tapping your toes. Cheese People are new and exciting and their 2009 self titled release is one of the best albums I have heard in a really long time.

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