Suggestion – “Gorilla Warfare”

Suggestion - "Gorilla Warfare"

Close your eyes and picture GWAR covering Dethklok. Now open your eyes and forget everything I just said. Suggestion has arrived, they are here, and where they came from doesn’t matter.  Track one off of their Gorilla Warfare EP (which features 4 different covers highlighting each member) titled “Gorilla Warfare” begins as part funk with Asian-laced undertones. Venturing a bit further in, the track truly takes shape as singer/guitarist King Bong growls “peering through the scope/tightening the rope/hanging by a thread”. Taking a new twist as to the meaning of Gorilla Warfare, this new route being that of a literal meaning. King Bong further states, “sound the call and hear our roar/a thousand apes upon your shore/out of time and unaware/for now we declare this gorilla warfare”. The lesser army being that of the gorilla, the larger being that of man. It helps to note that these words are sung by a Gorilla, King Bong. Suggestion members include: drummer Frank Wolfman, bassist Alin, and guitarist GrundleGarth. Seeing Suggestion live is that of an un-explained, and completely shocking moment in the truest form of music. Bare bones yet totally unexpected and mind blowing. I’ve seen bands perform who have a shtick and it’s an obvious cover up for their poor musicianship. Suggestion, in no way, shape or form are a band with a shtick. This isn’t a cover up as can be plainly seen and heard, whether it be live, or on CD. An amazing stage show with the energy of a thousand tornadoes, Suggestion are a rising group with no end in sight.

This four piece contains some of the most unique and original members playing their hearts out, and that is something of a rarity these days. Each member embodies a total drive and commitment to do anything it takes to perform, no matter the consequences, always giving it 110% even if the show is for 5 or 500 people. This is the mark of a great artist, and Suggestion are just that. As the track comes to an end with King Bong gutturally exclaiming “ugh”, a lone guitar brings us to the terror of the attack. For the last minute and a half, the rage is all around, and we can only picture the battle of man -vs- animal. All 5 tracks off of this EP shine; “Gorilla Warfare” may be singled out strictly for the sake of this review, but they all deserve (and require) your undivided attention.

Suggestion are working on their forthcoming album and it will be available for purchase soon. For more info, go to: or:

    • April 9, 2010 – Fubar, St. Petersburg, Florida
      April 16, 2010 8pm – Bandito’s Burrito’s, Tallahassee, Florida
      April 24, 2010 8pm – The Dungeon, Orlando, Florida
      May 28, 2010 – Weekend At Florida Battle Con, Orlando, Florida
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