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Bill Horist – Covalent Lodge

Bill Horist immerses you in a world composed entirely, exactly, of sound. His new release, Covalent Lodge, is a journey. Our hero on this venture, the acoustic guitar, rubs elbows with a colorful class of instruments, from percussion and bloodless vocals to a sovereign violin under watchful ambience. And there's so much more. But all this … [Read more...]

Triclops! – Helpers on the Other Side

There was a time, not too long ago where indie rock was irreparably tied to the traditions of post-hardcore. The champions were Pavement, Fugazi and Sebadoh, and if you weren’t yelling over your songs, you better be talking over ‘em. But that’s all different now, think about the undisputed champions of indie over the last ten years; Arcade Fire, … [Read more...]

The Ropes – “I Miss You Being Gone”

There’s been a ubiquitous advert plastered at MySpace for a New York-based, indie, noise-pop band named The Ropes, where, in a savvy, and enticing, marketing ploy, band members Sharon Shy (vocals, bass) and Toppy (guitars, drums, sounds) have made all of their tunes available as free mp3 or zip downloads at their official site  … [Read more...]

New EP from French band Trunks

PRETTY NOISE ROCK AND HAÏKUS Trunks was born with the astonish collaboration of Laetitia Shériff (bass), Régis Boulard (drums), Stéphane Fromentin (guitar), Régis Gautier (guitar) and Daniel Paboeuf (sax) and today enhanced with guitarist Florian Marzano, and likes to call itself nor a group nor a band, but more an artistic … [Read more...]

Manual – Drowned in Light

Manual album covers have always depicted highly saturated watery paradises at twilight. These images have always been an easy fit with his dreamy, diffuse music, a mix of delayed guitars fed through bright 80’s chorus effects, light ray synths, electronic noises, and programmed beats. With Drowned in Light, Manual’s Jonas Munk has finally picked an … [Read more...]

Communipaw – S/T

Communipaw’s self-titled and self-released album starts off in fine fashion with soft and introspective, indie-style guitar lines and charming chord changes that slowly rise to a roar and peak with a shimmering and cascading indie-pop melody that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Coldplay, Keane, Snow Patrol or Starsailor album, complete with smooth … [Read more...]

Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble – Terry Riley: In C

Back in 1964, Terry Riley introduced to the world what many consider and herald as the first proper minimalist work with his renowned In C. Composed through a new method where musicians are allowed to play different notes and rhythms to their liking, it is also an almost aleatoric musical piece in that its outcome can be decided a number of ways. … [Read more...]

The Hold Steady – “Hurricane J”

They’re slipping soft rock into the set list now. “Hurricane J,” the lead single from The Hold Steady's new album Heaven is Whenever -- set to be released May 4th -- finds the New York foursome abandoning their signature blend of smoky, Springsteen-esque bar-rock in favor of a more streamlined, poppy sound. Surprisingly, it works. Musically, … [Read more...]

New Album from Richard McGraw

In this digital age, where the physical object is becoming a thing of the past, Brooklyn-based musician, Richard McGraw, is trying to revitalize the dying idea of the physicality of music. McGraw spends much time designing detailed and belabored album art. It’s the kind of art one wants to look at and hold. The first edition of McGraw's new album … [Read more...]

The Young Friends – Hella

The San Diego beaches are definitely some of the nicest beaches in the entire United States. Not only does the beach provide a calm and placid experience that can be both invigorating and refreshing but they also punctuate the town’s overall laid-back, cool demeanor. Everything from the lazy boardwalk stroll, to the nearby stores, to the … [Read more...]