Osteoferocious – OF 7″

Osteoferocious - OF

Osteoferocious sound like they should be from L.A. There are two members, one on drums and one on guitar, they wash out their sound with a lot of haze, and they’re easy to jump around to. It’s sort of thing we’ve seen coming from The Smell over the last decade. That being said, Osteoferocious are anything but a rip off, despite their similarities to No Age or Lightning Bolt, their music is more… well, unmusical than their counterparts. Their latest 7” OF is more haze than it is substance, but it does reach some remarkable highs that few other duos could achieve.

Most things on OF are cranked up to eleven. An ominous wave of indecipherable fuzz is constantly threatening to overtake any tangible melody the songs might have – and on more than a few occasions it does. Generally the vocals are mixed so far to the back of the compositions you wonder why they bothered. The feedback certainly isn’t lo-fi, it sounds studio-controlled and purposefully sequenced – in fact the tracks tend to emerge and recede into the muck. Melodies raise their head above the water, run their course, and then slowly deluge back into the ocean of blur that birthed them. It’s actually kinda neat, it gives the massive instrumentals and the less-obscured moments more weight, the record makes you work for a break from the noise.

OF is probably the best  7” a band like Osteoferocious could produce, and it achieves what it sets out to do with a lot of grace. It also doesn’t overstay its welcome, it’s diplomatically short running time assures your attention span won’t be tested. If you need to scratch a noise-damaged itch, OF is a reputable choice.