Debut album from Ash Reiter

Leading the way in a fusion of musical stylings that encompass the jazz elements of Feist and the intimacy of Cat Power, Ash Reiter won’t let the beat drop whether she is crooning about trampled hearts or singing an ode to a run down apartment. Reiter has been performing and touring since 2006 when she started her college band, Drunken Boat, a lo-fi folk affair with a sound that now underlies the more dance oriented rock and roll sound she now represents.

A voice like honey and whiskey and lyrics like… well, honey and whiskey, Reiter brings you California soaked grooves and an arsenal of dance gems. She’ll lure you in with delicate folk-pop melodies made believable by Reiter’s charming rough edge.

Reiter’s debut album, Paper Diamonds, was partially recorded in Arizona with musicians she met on tour.  The spontaneity of those recordings is balanced with the stability of the remaining tunes which were produced by Reiter at home with her drummer, Will Halsey. Other members of the Ash Reiter band include Mike Spreer on Bass and Drew Brown on Lead Guitar.

“Paper Diamonds” [MP3]

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