Bill Horist – Covalent Lodge

Bill Horist - Covalent Lodge

Bill Horist - Covalent Lodge

Bill Horist immerses you in a world composed entirely, exactly, of sound. His new release, Covalent Lodge, is a journey.

Our hero on this venture, the acoustic guitar, rubs elbows with a colorful class of instruments, from percussion and bloodless vocals to a sovereign violin under watchful ambience. And there’s so much more. But all this instrumentation comes subtly, as nuance within nuance. This grants Horist’s work a deceptive richness.

For all its instrumentation, Covalent Lodge captures the focused and directed work of one mind rather than a collaboration. And it is, to be sure, an album, with no one song alien from the next.

Covalent Lodge won’t survive snap judgments. Trust the musicians here. The music is orchestral, a work of magical realism and, as such, is given to bouts of dissonance, experimentation, exploration. It’s instrumental, but oh so lyrical. No catchy numbers, no hooks–just awesome.

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