Ana Moura – Leva-me aos Fados

Ana Moura – Leva-me aos Fados

The Portuguese musical tradition of fado, an unprompted and bending vocal ability, has always been one with rich rewards when done right. The style is often attempted by many but only mastered by few and usually, the percentage is seldom on the successful side. Luckily, when you’re as talented as Ana Moura, a flexible singer who grew up listening to her mother sing the style and whose influences range as far back as Marvin Gaye then there can rest a great deal of confidence.

See, for Moura, singing in such a challenging style and with only a trio of the guitarra (the 12-stringed Portuguese guitar), acoustic guitar and bass to back her, comes simply. While she’s dabbled in rock singing before, it is her fado that she continually comes back to and it is, without a doubt, her calling. Her voice is especially lush with every note sung being whispered into your ear by way of a lovely songstress. And even if she’s quiet, gently lulling you into a sweet dream, or if she’s emotionally-charged, drastically bringing you to the front to witness her charms, she is the star of the show. And it makes her new album everything you could have expected and more.

With her fourth album, Leva-me aos Fados, which translates to “Take me to a Fado house,” is a stunning display of vocal prowess and a testament to the simple fact that having a tremendous voice can take you a long, long way. A song like “Como Uma Nuvem No Céu” is outstandingly conveyed with Moura’s voice delightfully singing in a light and sprinkled feel. Though the Portuguese language calls for her to deliver notes in an almost guttural and strident manner, she’s always bringing them forth with the utmost attention. Each note sounds alive and in full effect of the energy her trio is bringing forth: each musician adds to the music with vivid skill and it aids Moura in a way that is both gifted and impressive.

Many times, it appears as if Moura is effortlessly delivering these lines through some kind of attention that requires no effort. Her voice is obviously a brilliant one but she sings with such calm and assurance that it always appears as if she has been doing this for decades already. And while it’s true that Moura has been singing for much of her life, Leva-me aos Fados is her celebratory way of conveying all of her strengths for all to admire. The swaying tenderness of “Que Dizer De Nós” is where she’s able to let everything go and sing about the love of her life. The trio behind her is melodically aware of what’s surrounding them, with each member providing a strong support of musicianship; however, Moura is utterly mesmerizing with a charm and loveliness that transcends. It’s only a small amount of greatness that is ubiquitous throughout the album.

In support of Leva-me aos Fados, Moura has put together a tour to perform her songs and surely, the live setting will make for memorable moments. The authenticity of the music is spread all over and Moura is fully aware of what’s going on; like the determined look on the cover, she’s ready to cross over onto something bigger and better but even if she doesn’t reach it, the craft of the fado thanks her.

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