Veil Veil Vanish – Change In The Neon Light

Veil Veil Vanish - Change In The Neon Light

In 2007 Veil Veil Vanish band members Cameron (guitarist), Keven (vocalist, guitarist), Amy (bass guitarist), Robert (drummer), and Justin (keyboardist) released a darkly cool and despondent EP titled Into a New Mausoleum and comparisons to The Cure abounded due to Keven’s softly lamenting vocals that evoke Robert Smith in his prime and the crepuscular, brooding, but vibrant keyboard and guitar interplay.  The band even covered “The Upstairs Room” on Perfect As Cats: A Tribute to The Cure.

On the new and enthralling debut album Change In The Neon Light, the band go for a rockin’ dance-pop style while still reveling in moody, sustained keyboard lines and mournful, but cool-tone vocals from Keven.  There is a distinctive, enveloping atmosphere of anguish and desolation that tries to find solace in the crisp, up-tempo drum beats and lively pop song structures.  “Modern Lust” embodies this to the max with its springy beat and sharply exclaimed vocals of “I can’t dance alone.  I can’t dance with no one.” contrasted with a soft varnish of heightened, shining keyboard lines.

“Change In The Neon Light”, on the other hand, is an elegiac downer with Keven’s acutely aching vocals emoting amid a steady beat and lush bed of shimmering keyboard and guitar lines.  It’s back to the dance on “Anthem For A Doomed Youth” as the bass line growls away, a keenly gleaming guitar riff descends, light, watery keyboard notes pick out a delicate refrain, and Keven urgently cries “Let’s just forget ourselves.”

Keyboards take a back seat on the rocker “This Is Violet” with its dynamic blend of shifting rhythms, going from a cantering run of propulsive drums and bashed cymbals, turbulent guitars, and a velvety-voiced Keven exclaiming “I don’t need this future anymore.” to a slow-tugging beat and serrated guitar distortion.  “Detachment” furthers the rock/pop divide to fine effect with Keven all plaintive edges on the verses and all hushed dreaminess on the chorus, drawing out the words “Fall off the edge…” and “Everything is clear.  I’m not afraid anymore.” amid deep swaths of guitar swirl and a resounding drum beat.