The Bird Ensemble – Evensong

The Bird Ensemble - Evensong

The Bird Ensemble - Evensong

The Bird Ensemble manage to separate Evensong from other post-rock albums. Their plush songs dilate simple themes rather than emphasize dramatic arcs in song structure and movement. Their sound can still be dramatic, but are so in the way that a flower blooming is dramatic.

A 5-piece band from Nashville, Tennessee, The Bird Ensemble’s songs often start as simple guitar figures, and in time the surrounding space fills with various keys as bass guitar and drums drop anchor. Once built, songs delight in the rhythm section. Good thing, too, because without that anchor, some tracks might drift out into the no man’s land between New Age and muzak.

The best of Evensong is, first, “Oaxaca Variation No. 1”. The distinct song parts fit well together, the motif moving into a chorus. The drift forward is idyllic. On the heels of “Oaxaca Variation No. 1” is “The Wayside”–a track that, like the others, begins with a meditation, but manages to coalesce organically into a song with a deeper heartbeat.

Evensong sounds nice but I’d stop short of recommending it because the way they execute their method bothers me. They often feel more like they’re stalling before they bloom,  and the music they make in the interim isn’t compelling enough to keep me interested.

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Label: Happy Prince