Sugar & Gold – Get Wet!

Sugar & Gold - Get Wet!

If anything, Get Wet! is a lot of fun. After all, any band who calls themselves Sugar & Gold are going to be a stone’s throw from self-seriousness, especially one that prides themselves on bringing dance music to a universal, cross-scene audience. The songs are thoroughly synthesized on low-rent, Daft Punk-ian electronics, and they sing primarily in four-part harmony – it’s pretty easy to get down with.

Sugar & Gold are more disco than electronica and it makes them a better band, lots of schmaltzy guitars, soprano’d, white-guy vocals, and lyrics chiefly about dancing and the trysts that come with it. The dance music market has been so barren of traditionalist disco, these Bee Gee-inspired beats sound surprisingly new. That being said, they sound far from crisp – maybe it’s financial limitations, but the production is tinny at best – the usually powerful drum machine and bass-synth sound oddly hollow on tape, and it occasionally takes the bite of the songs. You get the feeling that Sugar & Gold are born for the stage before the studio. That being said, the 7 minute cracker-funk opus “AYA!” and the squelchy “Couvade” never fail to bring down the house. They’re entirely unpretentious, and happily enthusiastic about their silliness. And you know what? Good disco-revival should be silly.

Get Wet! isn’t the album that will blitz blogs and reinvent top 10 lists, but it’s a good-hearted and entirely charming distraction that achieves what it sets out to do with ease.

Sugar & Gold