Soundpool – “But It’s So” 7″

Soundpool – "But It's So" 7"

When you’ve been declared by an astounding musician like Ulrich Schnauss as “The best fucking band in the world!” then you’ve got, at least, a few things going for you. But other than just a glowing quote like that, Soundpool also have plenty of tools in their arsenal. Music that is built around Kim Field’s sweetly lush vocals, they make the kind of dream pop that is just as good to dance to, as it is at falling asleep to.

With an album on the way, this 7” features the atmospheric dance pop of “But It’s So” and while Field doesn’t ever coming around to resolving what it is, the music’s textures and layers wash away all of the past memories. Much like labelmates Ceremony, Soundpool creates walls of synths and reverb; except here it’s all done by way of grace and elegance. In the end, we have something both intriguing and impressive with “But It’s So” shimmering gleam.

The flip-side is “Makes No Sense,” a bubbling, smooth song that still carries its own techno beat but is far more subdued. It’s a brisk change of pace and offers dimensions to both the act’s sound and even, Field’s soaring vocals. Neat and tidy, the package is easily ready for the taking and for Soundpool, this introduction offers something amiably absorbing.

“But It’s So” by Soundpool

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