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New original film score from My Education in April

Austin, TX instrumentalists My Education have composed an original score for director F.W. Murnau's 1927 silent film classic, "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans". Parts of the painstakingly composed soundtrack will be released on CD, LP and digital download this spring via Strange Attractors Audio House. The quintet tours this June in support of the … [Read more...]

New album from Lisa Papineau in May

The highly-accomplished singer/composer Lisa Papineau releases her Sargent House debut, Red Trees this spring. The album is the second solo venture from the active collaborator known for her vocal contributions to Air and M83, as well as writing with The Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete de la Peña in Big Sir. The ever-active Papineau also works … [Read more...]

Stafraenn Hakon – Sanitas

You ever try to picture the changing weather with some kind of sound? You know how bands like Wilco just sound that much better during the fall sort of thing. The coldness of winter can also bring upon trademark sounds and who knows, maybe it’s the cover image or even just the chillingly dark introduction but Stafraenn Hakon’s sixth album, Sanitas … [Read more...]

The Heligoats – Goodness Gracious

After flying under the radar for over ten years now, The Heligoats have made a blip on the screen with Goodness Gracious. The brains behind the outfit, Chris Otepka (formerly of Troubled Hubble), enlisted members of local Chicago band Ulysses S. Grant to bring his compositions into full bloom. Sounding like The Long Winters’ twisted cousin, they … [Read more...]

Midas Fall – Eleven. Return and Revert

Edinburgh is considered by many to be one of the most scenic cities in Europe with its rugged background and immense collection of Medieval and Georgian architecture and apart from the natural features, the city has a vigorous popular music scene as well.  Just as beautiful as the city they are based out of, Midas Fall’s debut Eleven. Return and … [Read more...]

FAO#25: Dirtmusic & Fredrik

Although the impact of globalisation has for many been measured negatively in socio-economic and ecological terms, when it comes to cultural exchanges the picture seems a lot rosier.  Intensified by the internet and easier communications in general, the innumerable musical genres of our shared planet have become more broadly disseminated and … [Read more...]

Gaida – Levantine Indulgence

I know it’s lame to quote the press release from the band, but they often pinpoint the music’s feeling in the best of ways. Normally, I like to just grab the album and listen to it until I’m ready to write about it and the last spin I have with it; I take out the press release and read along while listening. Sometimes, the two feel completely out … [Read more...]

Harlem – Hippies

Harlem are a little late to the party. Last year’s most blogged about ‘scene’ was the unlikely (and surprisingly inventive) unison of indie pop jangle and slimy, somewhat sarcastic, surf rock. It brought us the balmy likes of Girls, Best Coast, and Washed Out – all low-rent, electrified, and all strangely danceable. Harlem’s Matador debut Hippies … [Read more...]

Gills and Wings – s/t EP

In listening to the polished arena rock of Richmond, Virginia’s Gills and Wings, few signals are given that their eponymous EP is in fact, also their debut. Armed with only five tracks and a little less than twenty minutes of music, this five-piece flaunts the kind of confident swagger and crack songwriting usually associated with veteran acts. … [Read more...]

Burzum – “Glemselens Elv”

It's been 11 years since the release of a Burzum album. Track three "Glenselens Elv" is off of Belus, which refers to the European deity of light and innocence. One can't help but remember Burzum frontman (and sole member) Varg Vikernes. Imprisoned for 21 years (serving only 16), convicted of arson as well as the murder of Euronymous, guitarist for … [Read more...]