Nigel Silverthorn – Homesick

Nigel Silverthorn - Homesick

I don’t know about the rest of you, but very often I wake up with a song in my head. I’m not talking about the last song I listened to before I went to bed, just a random song. For the last week I’ve woken up humming songs by this veteran of the emo-indie-hardcore scene of the Midwest. Nigel Silverthorn has fearlessly crafted Homesick with a unique and satisfying style you’re probably not accustomed to. But you will be as soon as you let Silverthorn’s songs into your head, because they’re not going to leave.

You should plan to give these songs a listen, and you should know what to expect. Very few musicians instantly impress, but I think we’ve found one and we’re all very lucky to have found him this soon in his career. Honesty pours from every lyric. Personality spills from his voice and each instrument like they’re extensions of the artist himself. This is straight up rock and roll with enough pop and grunge to fill the shoes of all the great rockers of today. Like a good hypnotist, Silverthorn is a master of making toes tap – don’t be surprised if you fall victim.

I’m convinced that the abundance of lyrical hooks in these songs has a lot to do with their greatness. A lot of songwriters use hooks to grab your attention in the middle of otherwise mediocre songs, but what if the whole song was a hook? Maybe that’s why every one of the six songs on this disc passes by in an instant and resurfaces in your head when you’re least expecting them to.

If you could equate songwriting to an intelligence scale, then Silverthorn’s real genius shines brightest on the song “100 Books”. The song boldly hits highs and lows and everything in between. The instrumentation on the song is in complete command with infectious grooves and melody. This is the songwriting your favorite artists only wish they could grasp.

It’d be a shame to reveal the exact content of each song, because there are definitely secrets you’ll need to hear for yourself. Thankfully, the secrets are full of familiar longing and desire that tell stories you might already know. The songs explore human nature and spirit, and how far our emotions take us before we fall apart entirely.  Homesick itself becomes an explanation of how consumed we all become when we’re in love, lust, or simply dreaming of either… More specifically, it explains what happens when someone lets us down.

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