…For Science! – “There Are Secrets Where Fairies Don’t Live”

...For Science!

Their Myspace page states that …For Science! consists of “three assholes being jerks”. This trio reigns from Columbia, South Carolina and track three off of the four song EP titled Song One, leaves them out of a pack strictly deemed for the weak and nonchalant. The jangled intro to “There Are Secrets Where Fairies Don’t Live” is a sweet mix of high end, coupled with ride cymbal tapping and rim shot drumming. That is, of course, until just over a minute in. While keeping with a touch of sweetness, …For Science! send in the cavalcade of meaty sludge with precision. With influences such as Explosions In The Sky and Isis, it’s easy to see that …For Science! do a their fair share with the type of slow, melodic and heavy rhythms prevalent in both bands, yet …For Science! makes it all their own. Patience is a virtue here on track three, but with a little time “There Are Secrets Where Fairies Don’t Live” is in full swing. Whilst treading new ground and surely a sight to see live, …For Science! is half Melvins coupled with Norway’s Burzum. A straight ahead vocal-free band, …For Science! are moving along at their own pace with an atmospheric, psychedelic mix.

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